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AbouT Big Timber

Our Firewood Creates American Jobs & Supports Local Families

While most firewood companies import and sell European firewood, we believe America has the best firewood, and plenty of it! We’re dedicated to creating and keeping these jobs in America. Check our careers page for current employment opportunities.

We don’t harvest our firewood from large forests, but from surrounding areas in our community where trees have already fallen or been cut down. You could call it recycling, but we prefer sustainable firewood sourcing.

“I want jobs to stay here and put money back into the economy. We’ve got plenty of wood in America and we want to keep Americans’ homes warm with it.”

- Edward Hager, Co-Founder of Big Timber

We're Committed to Helping Reduce Veteran Suicide & Heal Hurting Vets

Big Timber donates a portion of all firewood sales to Active Heroes, a non-profit whose mission is to support U.S. military service members, veterans and their families through physical, educational, and emotional programs in an effort to eliminate suicide.

Big Timber also helped build the Active Heroes Retreat Center in Shepherdsville, Ky. Open to military families free of charge, visitors can relax on the beautiful 147-acre facility to recharge, reconnect and replenish their mental resources. The retreat offers activities such as family day/camping, archery, hiking trails, and a playground.

“It’s a place for veterans and their families to go to heal,” says Big Timber co-founder Todd Dunn. “And this is important because currently approximately 22 veterans a day take their life, which equates to more than 600 veteran suicides a month. That’s why a place like this is so important.”

Support Our Mission

It’s easy! When you use our firewood, you fuel our efforts.

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